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Battery Warning Information

2016-1-27 9:43:22


Not suitable for children under 3 years due to the danger of swallowing small parts.  We recommend the use of alkaline batteries only.  Always connect battery to correct polarity (+ to + and – to –).  Do not throw away used batteries in the household garbage, use recycling centres or dispose of them at a recycling depot.  Only use the batteries specified.  Batteries should be replaced by adults.  Check batteries regularly for any leaks.  Remove empty batteries from the toy.  Do not recharge Non-rechargeable batteries.  Before charging remove rechargeable batteries from the toy.  Rechargeable batteries must be charged under adult supervision only.  Do not use different types of batteries and do not mix new and used batteries.  Connecting terminal must not be short-circuited. Subject to technical change and change of colour.  Please keep this information for future reference.


        always change the complete set of batteries.

        Do not mix old and new batteries

        only use batteries of the same type

        do not mix single-use batteries with rechargeable ones

        watch out for the correct polarity (+/-) when inserting

        the batteries

        take out batteries when the item is not in use

        never short-circuit batteries

        have the batteries changed by an adult

        keep this information for future reference

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